Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So What has happened since my last post trying to think back it has been so long LOL.

* My Cousin Raelene and Aunty Elaine came up from the Central Coast for the weekend, we didn't do a great deal but it was great to catch up with them again.

* Charlize had her 4th Birthday Party which was super cute she had a ballerina themed party with all the little girls from her ballet class.

* Jeff took Charlize to Moreton Island for the Queens Birthday long weekend, they had a fantastic time.

* I turned 32 while they were away camping and went out with the girls for dinner and Carter had his first sleep over at Granny's House.

* Carter is growing like a weeding and is now mobile he does a bit of an army crawl around the house, so it is a case of beware of anything that is on the floor. he especially loves to grab paper and eat it LOL. He still has no teeth and is a pretty happy little boy he is very ticklish and just goes into fits of giggles when you tickle him it is very cute !!

I have been pretty slack with taking photos lately and must get back into taking more especially of Carter he will be one before I know it.

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