Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Single Figures

Ok so what is single figures you many ask?  Well we only have 9 wks to go until we get to met our little man it seems like ages and also not long at the same time.  Lots to still happen in 9 wks.
House to Bricked (hopefully they still start monday 5th time is charm)
Kitchens and Bathroom Vanities to go (hopefully go in tomorrow)
Fix out carpentry to be done (lots of shelves for Jeff to put in)
Tiling to be done and lots of it
Painting inside and out
Pool to be dug and sprayed
Gazebo to be built
Final Electrical and Plumbing Fit offs.
And lots of little things in between all that.
So fingers crossed all going to plan we will able to be in the house at the beginning of October to give us a chance to settle in before the baby comes.
I was just looking back for a photo to use on a page and i came across this photo of Charlize taken back in April last year, and I just noticed how much she looks like me at the same age.  So I dug out an old photo me at the same age to compare.  Nothing exciting but thought I would share that LOL.

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